Planetary gear motor Dunkermotoren G 30.0 24VDC + PLG 32 i=91,12:1

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Dunkermotoren DC Motor GR 30.0 with Planetary Gear PLG 32

• Longer service life than commutator motors from other manufacturers
• Low cogging torque
• High efficiency
• High acceleration
• Good controllability
• Maintenance-free
• Robust construction
• Low moment of inertia
• Extremely high overload capacity
• Surface protection
• Minimum interference beam emission, optional interference suppression variants
• Degree of protection up to IP 65 (GR 42, GR 53, GR 63, GR 63S, GR 80)
• Highest quality due to fully automated production lines
Technical specifications
Series G30
Product type Planetary gear motor
Rated power (W) 10
Max. torque (Nm) 2
Supply voltage 24V DC
Rotation speed (RPM) 33.25
Gear ratio 12
Brand Dunkermotoren