Humidity sensor LAE Electronic HT2W

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LAE Series HT2W

• HT2W transmitters feature fast humidity measurement up to 100% r.H. and long-lasting, • constant precision thanks to meticulously selected materials.
• The sensor has a good tolerance to chemical agents, but certain substances such as acetone, propane and sulphuric acid could destroy the sensor.
Technical specifications
Series HT2W
Product type Humidity sensor
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 50
Min. ambient temperature (°C) 0
Max. mittausalue (%SK) 100
Measurement range min. (%SK) 0
Supply voltage 12V DC
Output signal 0...1 V
IP-Class IP65
Explosion-proof version No
Manufacturer LAE
HVAC 4363210
Electrical number 2634405
Manufacturer code HT2W