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L176V03-ZC10A 1/4" Ø4 24VDC Magneettiventtiili NC

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L176V03-ZC10A 1/4"-4 24VDC Magneettiventtiili, NC
Technical specifications
Series L176
Product type 2-way solenoid valve
Material (body) Brass
Valve function 2-way normally closed NC
Media Water, air, oil
Size 1/4"
Supply voltage 24V DC
Flow-through factor (Kv, m3/h) 3.8
Min. ambient temperature (°C) -10
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 60
Min. fluid temperature (°C) 0
Max. fluid temperature (°C) 130
Min. pressure (bar) 0.35
Max. pressure (bar) 12
IP-Class IP65
Brand ASCO