Pneumatic cylinder AVENTICS 822122010

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AVENTICS Series PRA (ISO 15552)

• PRA Series cylinders have a compact design profile with integrated sensor slots.
• PRA (ISO 15552) cylinders can be used for all industries.
• This includes general automation technology, machine and systems construction, as well as specific industry applications.
Technical specifications
Series PRA
Min. ambient temperature (°C) -20
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 80
Min. pressure (bar) 1.50
Max. pressure (bar) 10
Weight 0 mm stroke 1.06 kg
Weight +10 mm stroke 0.047 kg
Lead (mm) 400
Pressure (bar) 6.30
Standard ISO 15552
Principle double-action
Stuffing pneumatic / adjustable
Certifications ATEX
Atex Optional
Integrated rear eye Yes
Material Polyurethane
Coupling G 1/4
Piston rod thread M16x1,5
Piston diameter (mm) 50
Retraction force of the piston (N) 1035
Piston removal force (N) 1235
Stuffing length 17 mm
Stuffing energy 15 J
Max pace 2100 mm
Manufacturer AVENTICS
Manufacturer code 822122010