Wexon Oy's Online Store Terms of Sale 02/2023

Application of Terms

These terms and conditions apply to the online store maintained by Wexon Oy (Y-ID 1030116-5), which sells products to business customers and public entities in Finland. The online store is not open to consumer customers. The agreements also comply general terms and conditions (NL 17 Nordic general terms and conditions for the supply of machines and equipment) with possible customer-specific agreements. In other respects, the applicable parts of Finnish law are followed.

Wexon's online store is hereinafter referred to as "Webshop", Wexon Oy is referred to as "Wexon" and the user of the service is referred to as "Customer" or "Customer Company".


Online store prices are net prices in euros, VAT 0%. The price shown in the online store includes the product with standard documents freely available in stock, but not delivery costs, installation, user instructions or possible programming unless otherwise stated. All product shipments are insured for transport damage on behalf of the seller. The prices presented in the online store are valid only in the online store, and they may not be applied to other trading methods. Wexon's price information is a confidential business secret, and the customer may not share it with third parties.

Wexon reserves the right to make changes to the product range, product information and prices. Wexon can unilaterally change the terms of sale by announcing them in its Online Store. At the time of ordering, the prices and terms of sale that are valid at any given time and presented in the Online Store are followed. The changes prescribed by the law enter into force at the time of entry into force of the regulations without separate notification. Wexon reserves the right to change the service without notice.

Wexon is under no obligation to deliver the product ordered from the Online Store to the Customer, if the product's price information has been incorrect.

Third Party Services

Parts or pages of the online store may include services provided by third parties or links to those services. Separate terms of use and privacy policies apply to such third-party services. Wexon is not responsible for such third-party services and their use or other utilization may create a contractual relationship between the customer and such third party to which Wexon is not a party.

Registration for the online store and usage rights

The customer has a limited opportunity to browse Verkkokaupa's information without logging in. Using all features of the online store, browsing price information and ordering products require logging in with customer-specific credentials.

In the launch phase of the online store, Wexon has created usernames for some representatives of the companies in Wexon's customer register. The customer can either create the IDs themselves in the online store or contact Wexon's customer service to create IDs. Activation of the invoicing feature is always done in customer service. Card and online banking payments can also be made with the credentials created by the Customer himself. The customer is responsible for the correctness of the information he enters into the Online Shop or gives to Wexon in any other way.

Wexon may, at will, refuse to grant access rights to the customer company or its representative, or unilaterally or at the request of the customer company's registered representative limit or revoke access rights.

The Customer Company is obliged to ensure that only persons authorized by the Customer Company for this activity deal in the Online Store. The customer is responsible for the correctness of the information he gives to Wexon, the permission to enter it into the online service and the use of the service in accordance with the terms and laws.

The customer undertakes to use Wexon's online store in a way that does not violate the law. The customer undertakes to carefully store the customer credentials necessary for logging in so that they do not fall into the possession of outsiders.

The customer will be charged for purchases made with his credentials until the customer informs otherwise. Any misuse of identifiers must be reported immediately to Wexon's customer service. Online store customer IDs are personal and may not be given to third parties.


The Customer is responsible for choosing the right and suitable product for the intended use. Placed orders bind the customer when the customer has confirmed the order on the Verkkokaupa website. The customer does not have the right to cancel an order without Wexon's separate permission. Wexon can send the customer an order confirmation by e-mail. Wexon's terms and conditions of sale (NL17) valid at the time of the order and any other agreements and conditions between the Customer and Wexon apply to the orders placed. If the information provided in the Online Store conflicts with other conditions and information, the information provided in the Online Store shall apply.

Delivery time and method

When placing an order, the customer has the option to choose a delivery method from the options offered. The available delivery methods and their prices are announced in the online store and Wexon reserves the right to change them.

In the online store, the availability status of each product is explained. Availability between the time of placing the order and the processing of the order may change, in which case Wexon reserves the right to change the delivery time. We aim to deliver the products in stock no later than the next business day after the order, and depending on the transport distance, they will be at the customer's place within 2 business days. Delivery time estimates have been prepared based on information provided by manufacturers and suppliers.

We aim to have pre-paid ready orders ready for pickup on the same business day (ordered before 12 noon) and the next business day (ordered after 12 noon). Pickups are possible within the warehouse's opening hours. A ready order means an order in which all the products are in our warehouse and reserved for the order, and the payment method of the order has been approved.

Wexon does not guarantee that the delivery time indicated in the Online Store will not change during or after the processing of the order. Wexon is not obliged to reserve other products of the same order for the customer if the availability of one product is poor, or its delivery is delayed for reasons beyond Wexon's control.

Product delivery is only possible with freight arranged by Wexon through a service provider chosen by Wexon or as a pickup order. Delivery via the service chosen and paid for by the customer or using the customer's transport contracts is not possible.

Payment methods

The online store customer can choose the most suitable payment method. The most common card and online banking options are available, as well as invoicing. Ordering with card and online bank payments is possible with credentials created by the customer. Activating the billing account in the online store is done in Wexon's customer service. Invoicing is possible for customers selected by Wexon and Wexon reserves the right to unilaterally remove the invoicing. The payment term on the invoice is 10 days net, unless customer-specific exceptions have been agreed.

Limitation of liability

If there is an error in the products or service ordered through the Online Store, the customer must report the error to Wexon's customer service and give Wexon the opportunity to correct it. In this case, the product can be replaced or repaired on a case-by-case basis, or the customer can be given a price reduction. Wexon is not responsible for incorrect product selection or the unsuitability of a flawless product for the customer, and products purchased from the online store do not have the right to return. Wexon is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may be caused by inaccurate or incorrect price or product information.

Wexon's fault liability is limited to the purchase price paid for the product, minus the utility. Wexon is not responsible for direct or indirect costs or loss of income or liabilities to third parties caused by the error or use of products or services.

Wexon is not obligated to perform the contract if it encounters force majeure that it cannot reasonably overcome. Wexon is not obliged to compensate the customer for damage or costs incurred by the customer in case of force majeure, and is entitled to cancel the contract. Neither Wexon nor the suppliers it uses are responsible for delays caused by unforeseen changes outside their sphere of influence.

Intellectual property rights

Ownership rights to information and materials in the online store or elsewhere on Wexon's website belong to Wexon or its partners. The customer can use information and images of individual products as part of their own offers. The customer does not have permission to copy, use or disclose information more widely or for other purposes.

Information security

The information provided by the customer is stored in Wexon's customer register and order system, where it is used for customer relationship management and order management. Wexon does not disclose information to third parties. Wexon strives to ensure that Verkkokauppa's service is safe and does not contain viruses, malware or other things harmful to the customer. Wexon is responsible for the service's data security and data processing carefully in generally acceptable ways. However, Wexon does not guarantee full data security. The customer is responsible for properly managing the data security of their own information systems.

Tietosuoja ja evästekäytäntö


Disagreements related to the use of the online store and these and other conditions will be resolved by the Helsinki District Court as the first instance.

Entry into force of the terms of sale

The customer unquestionably accepts these conditions when registering in the Online Store, when placing an order and/or a request for a quote. Any purchase contract conditions used by the customer will not be followed if they conflict with Wexon's contract conditions.