The value-added services provided by Wexon are the reason for the years of cooperation. Wexon's experts are flexible, know our industry and our requirements well, ”says Tomi Ojala, CEO of Polarteknik.

Among other things, the interior doors of Siemens ICE4 bullet trains are manufactured by Polarteknik.


Polarteknik Door Systems is Europe's leading supplier of fire and intermediate door systems for rolling stock. Door systems are used to improve the safety and comfort of passengers in metros, trains and individual wagons.

"Our technical development work is primarily based on safety, reliability and optimizing the system's life cycle costs," says Tomi Ojala, CEO of Polarteknik.

"The value-added services provided by Wexon are the reason for the years of cooperation. Wexon's experts are flexible, know our industry and our requirements well," Ojala continues.

Even the simplest component of health technology must be approved and certified before it can be used. That is why reliability becomes the number one issue in choosing partners, ”says Juhamatti Malm, CEO of Fimet.


Fimet Oy is a Finnish company that designs and manufactures high-quality dental care units, tailoring them to the needs of customers.

“We are a reliable partner that responds quickly to customer needs. We expect the same from our partners. With Wexon, the processes work and we know that the components are always of high quality, ”says Juhamatti Malm.

Fimet invests heavily in product development. Here, Wexon's experts and customized solutions play an important role. No wonder, then, that Wexon was also chosen as a partner in the development of the new F1 ARCUS treatment machine. The innovative treatment machine can be completely tailored to your needs - just like the components offered by Wexon.


In addition to experts in mechatronics, measurement, temperature, pressure, pneumatics and valves, you will find the leading brands in their fields and an impressive range of the most interesting customers.

The components must be reliable, which is why we have a great responsibility in our work, "says Mats Löfman, an expert at Wexon.

Mats Löfman has worked at Wexon as an expert in the fields of pressure, temperature and measurement for more than 20 years. As a top professional, he identifies even the most demanding challenges of customers and finds solutions.

Mats has been involved in Wexon's international assignments, boosting business in Russia. In addition, he is responsible for many customer relationships, such as cooperation with Fimet.

“In the field of health technology, competition is fierce and products must be of high quality and user-friendly. The components must be reliable, which is why we have a great responsibility in our work. At Wexon, we do things as we should. It is no coincidence that we have been a partner of Fimet for more than 20 years, ”Mats concludes.

When the customer is a technical pioneer, the products cannot be trailing skiers, ”says Jukka Mikkonen, Wexon's expert.

Jukka Mikkonen, Product Manager at Wexon's mechatronics side, is responsible for, among other things, the successful Polarteknik collaboration, delivering reliable and customized solutions to the customer.

For example, train doors contain a motor, sensors, and wires at the component level. The requirements for the products are strict, as the reliability of the doors must be guaranteed in all situations. In the rail sector, products need to be tailored to meet industry, operator and country-specific standards.

“At Wexon, we take quality responsibility for our products. In addition, the components are tailored to each need. We want to know our customers and offer the right solutions. We strive for long-term customer relationships - solutions with Polarteknik, for example, have been found together for 20 years, ”says Jukka Mikkonen.

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Wexonism is about expertise and the ability and willingness to serve customers flexibly, even in demanding challenges. (??Our teams of experts support each other and the work is done in earnest but not in truth).

We are part of the Wermundsen group, which is a Finnish family business founded in 1974. In addition, the group includes the switchboard manufacturer Gistele Oy and Solotop Oy, which operates in the trade and food industries.

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