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Electronic thermostat LAE AC1-5TS2RW

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LAE Electronic AC1-5 two channel universal Controller, ON/OFF or PID.

Main features
• Works with mains power 115...230 VAC
• PID with autotuning or ON/OFF control
• Main output on 12A relay or for SSR-piloting and auxiliary output on 5A relay
• Input for PTC/NTC10K
• 0.1 / 1°C or 1°F resolution
• Selectable Refrigerating/Heating (Dehumidifying/Humidifying) control
• Absolute or relative temperature alarms
• ON/OFF button on front

Temperature: Control of small cold stores, refrigerated cabinets and tables, heating systems, heated cupboards, bains-marie, ovens, laboratory equipment.
Humidity: Control of greenhouses, seasoning cells, cold rooms, air-conditioned rooms.
Technical specifications
Series AC1-5
Product type Electronic thermostat
Min. measurement range (°C) -40
Max. measurement range (°C) 125
Min. ambient temperature (°C) -10
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 50
Dimensions 77 x 35 x 77mm
Supply voltage 115…230V
IP-Class IP54
Brand LAE