Electronic thermostat AKO-D14724

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Temperature or moisture/pressure/flow controller AKOCONTROL

• Input for PT100, NTC, PTC, Thermocouple K and J, 4-20 mA probe.

• Applications: Ovens, electrical panels, industrial installations, incubators, etc.

• Programmable for hot and cold. With the 2 relay outputs, the controller can be used to work as 2 independent stages, 2 related stages, neutral zone and one stage plus alarm. Digital input for SetPoint change or cold / heat inversion.
Technical specifications
Series AKO-D14xxx
Product type Electronic thermostat
Min. measurement range (°C) -50
Max. measurement range (°C) 999
Min. ambient temperature (°C) -10
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 50
Input NTC10K, PTC1K, PT100, K, J
Dimensions 79 x 38 x 61mm
Supply voltage 12 ± 20%
IP-Class IP65
Brand AKO