Capillary thermostat Fantini Сosmi C04B3

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Capillary thermostat Fantini Cosmi series C04

Thermostats with capillary to control the temperature in the boilers, in the air-conditioning and cooling systems, in household appliances, in electrical furnaces.

General features:
• Sensing element with stainless steel diaphragm.
• Copper bulb and capillary. Copper bulb and capillary, tinned for types C04C2 and C04D2.
• Base in shock-proof self-extinguishing thermoplastic material V0.
• Electrical connection output with PVC cable gland.
• The storage and transport temperature corresponds to the thermostat’s body admissible temperature.
Technical specifications
Series C04
Product type Capillary thermostat
Min. measurement range (°C) 50
Max. measurement range (°C) 300
Changeover contact 10 (2,5) A, 250V AC
Material (sensor) Copper
IP-Class IP40
Brand Fantini Сosmi