Room thermostat Fantini Сosmi C10B2Y

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Fantini Cosmi series C09 thermostats with spiral capillary for industrial ambients, IP65

Thermostats suitable to control the temperature in industrial warehouses, in refrigerating rooms, in plants ripening systems, in greenhouses, in industrial control cabinets.

General features:
• Sensing element with stainless steel diaphragm
• Tinned copper spiral capillary
• Base, cover and knob in shock-proof self-extinguishing thermoplastic material V0
• Electrical connection output with Gc 1/2 cable gland
Technical specifications
Series C10::Y
Product type Room thermostat
Min. measurement range (°C) -20
Max. measurement range (°C) 40
Dimensions 131 x 65 x 55mm
Changeover contact 10 (2,5) A, 250V AC
Material (sensor) Ruostumaton teräs
IP-Class IP65
Brand Fantini Сosmi