Stepper motor drive RTA ADW 06.V

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RTA Series ADW

The ADW series Stepper Motor Controllers are designed to cover a wide range of applications application areas where flexibility and precise speed control are required.

Technical features:
• Dimensions: 122 x 94 x 25 mm
• Operating voltage range 24...75 VDC
• Current range 0.65...6 A
• Speeds 0.8...2000 rpm; continuous up to 400 rpm
• Smart current profile management, thanks to which a more even result is achieved
movement and a lower level of acoustic noise and mechanical vibration
• 0...5 VDC or 0...10 VDC analog input
• Sync-out for synchronizing multi-axis systems
• 64 speeds selectable with DIP switches
• The auto-stop function can be used to stop motor rotation
• Model equipped with screw-type connector
Technical specifications
Series ADW
Product type Askelmoottoriohjain
Min. current (A) 1.9
Max. current (A) 6
Supply voltage 24-75V DC
Brand RTA