Stepper motor drive RTA A-NDC 06.V

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RTA Series A-NDC

The additional features of the A-NDC controller compared to the NDC version are:
• Adaptive micro stepping, max. 12,800 steps/lap
• Smart current profile management, thanks to which smooth movement is achieved along with lower temperatures

Technical features:
• Dimensions: 101 x 94 x 25 mm
• Wide operating voltage range: 24 – 85 VDC
• Step 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 steps/revolution
• Motor phase current can be set to eight values
• Automatic current drop when the motor is not used
• Optional-separated inputs enable connections to various control systems
• Possibility to turn off the motor with an external logic signal
• Stepper motor output short-circuit protected
• Protected against under and over voltage
• Protected against overheating
• Operation with one external operating voltage
• With a high-efficiency CHOPPER MOSFET power stage
• The electronic resonance damping function reduces the acoustic noise and mechanical vibration at low and medium frequencies
• Built-in oscillator, speed range 14 – 450 rpm
• Terminal block (screw-type), standard model
• Also available with outer case a case, A-NDC 96
Technical specifications
Series A-NDC
Product type Askelmoottoriohjain
Min. current (A) 1.9
Max. current (A) 6
Supply voltage 24-85V DC
Brand RTA