2-phase stepper motor Sanyo Denki ⌀86 mm

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Sanyo Denki SanMotion Series F2

• Stepping motors rotate precisely at a fixed angle (step angle). With each pulse the driver receives from a pulse generator.
• Motors typically have a full step angle of 1.8° with 200 steps.
• Used in a wide variety of applications, including fixed-speed drive synchronized with command pulses, accurate positioning, and stable stopping.

Ø 86 mm (Nema 34), Step angle 1,8°. Bipolar.
ModelShaft Ø mmHolding torqueRated currentResistanceInductanceRotor inertiaMotor length mmWeight kg
Single shaftDual shaftN.mAΩ/phasemH/phasex10⁻⁴ kg m²
SM 2861-5051-502114/143.322.2151.48661.75
SM 2861-5151-512140.563.7
SM 2861-5251-522160.291.7
SM 2862-5051-502114/146.423.225396.52.9
SM 2862-5151-512140.836.4
SM 2862-5251-522160.362.8
SM 2863-5051-502114/14924324.51274
SM 2863-5151-5121417.9
SM 2863-5251-522160.463.8
Technical specifications
Series F2
Product type 2-phase stepper motor
Max torque (Nm) (possible range) 2.74 - 9
Shaft diameter (mm) 12
Frame size (mm) 86
Inertia (x10⁻⁴ kg m²) 1.48 / 3 / 4.5
Brand Sanyo Denki