Calorimetric flowmeter CS Instruments VA500

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CS Instruments Series VA500

• Measurement of mass flow rate, output of standard volume flow
• Pressure and temperature compensated by the thermal mass flow principle
• Can be used for compressed air and non-corrosive gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, etc.
• Highly accurate at small as well as large flows
• Quick and easy installation via a ½" ball valve
• Vanishingly low pressure loss due to vanishingly low blockage of the diameter
• No moving parts, therefore low maintenance
Technical specifications
Series VA500
Product type Calorimetric flowmeter
Min. volume flow rate (l/min) 0
Max. volume flow rate (l/min) 798000
Min. ambient temperature (°C) -20
Max. ambient temperature (°C) -20
Min. mean temperature (°C) -30
Max. mean temperature (°C) 110
Max. pressure (bar) 50
Operating voltage (DC) 18-36V
Power consumption (DC) 5W
Display TFT display with buttons
Material (housing) Polycarbonate
Material (tube) Stainless steel
Mid-range Gas
Flow velocity 0…224m/s
Flow velocity(recomended) 0.1…224m/s
IP-Class IP65
Brand CS Instruments