Electronic humidity and temperature transmitter Galltec+MELA ESTAT20DUO

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Galltec+mela Series eStat20 DUO

• Easy to install
• Up to 25 m cable length for remote sensor head
• 2 potential-free switching outputs configurable as
• Openers or closers
• Setpoint and switching hysteresis for temperature and relative humidity independently configurable
• Display of current relay switching states
• 2 continuous 0...10 V signal outputs for relative
• Humidity and temperature
• Calibrated measuring probe in exchangeable plug-in design
• Alternating display of relative humidity and temperature
• Sensor head up to +125°C

Technical specifications
Product type Electronic humidity and temperature transmitter
Min. ambient temperature (°C) -30
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 80
Min. measurement range (%SK) 0
Max. measurement range (%SK) 100
Measuring instrument type Capacitive humidity converter
Supply voltage 13...26V AC/15...30V DC
Output signal 0...10V
IP-Class IP20