Flow switch Henke-Sass DW-L/M-25

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Henke-Sass Series DW

• The device works according to the paddle principle. The paddle is fixed on a bearing and protrudes into the flow. A magnet is attached to the opposite side. A second, external magnet repels the paddle magnet. This produces a restoring force. This force may be set by changing the distance between the magnets by means of a screw so that the switching point of the device can be adjusted easily and precisely.
• A reed switch fixed to the outside is actuated contact-free by means of the magnet on the pendulum.
• Plastic version – no corrosion
• Easy adjustment of the switching point by means of set screw
• No spring – always the same restoring force
• Low pressure loss
• Different versions, easy adaptation to different requirements
• Very favorable price
• Thanks to the magnet, there are no signs of fatigue like a feather
Technical specifications
Series DW
Medium Liquid
Connector type BSP 1"
Process connection Spiral
Min. pressure (bar) 0
Max. pressure (bar) 10
Min. volume flow rate (l/min) 6
Max. volume flow rate (l/min) 15
Manufacturer Henke-Sass
HVAC 4564338
Electrical number 2631004
Manufacturer code DW-L/M-25