Room humidity and temperature transmitter Galltec+MELA DWK-DA

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Galltec+mela Series D

• The core part of the D Series is the digital calibrated dModul,
which processes the measurement values of relative humidity
and temperature individually.
• Values are compared to the calibration values stored in the dModul and communicated
digitally to the transmitter electronics, where they are processed
to standardised current and voltage signals.
• The housings of the industrial versions provide protection in accordance with IP 65. Only a single screw is required to close it securely.
• Dynamic MELA® humidity sensing element.
• Output of all hx values.
• Calibrated dModul for humidity and temperature measurement.
• In situ alignment.
• Easy to install.
• Operating temperatures up to 80°C.
Technical specifications
Series DWK-DA
Product type Room humidity and temperature transmitter
Min. ambient temperature (°C) -30
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 70
Min. measurement range (%SK) 0
Max. measurement range (%SK) 100
Measuring instrument type Capacitive humidity converter
Supply voltage 10...30V DC
Output signal 4...20mA
Input PT1000
IP-Class IP30
Brand Galltec+Mela