Electric actuated globe valve ASCO E290C52V0XEFCV1

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• High flow capacity due to the diagonal seat structure
• Proportional model flow relative to the control message
• Water shock-absorbed structure (flow direction from below the valve plate)
• Actuator rotatable 360°
• In the event of a power failure, the valve stops or closes (option)
• LEDs indicate valve position/operation
• The valves comply with article 3.3 of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
• For vacuum 10-² mbar
• The valves meet all relevant EC directives and commissions from the RoHS 2 directive
Technical specifications
Series 290C
Connection Thread
Material (body) Stainless steel
Connection size 3/8"
Media Water, air, oil, inert gases
Supply voltage 24V DC
Sealing material Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)
DN / Flow hole (mm) 10
Min. ambient temperature (°C) -10
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 50
Min. fluid temperature (°C) -10
Max. fluid temperature (°C) 90
Actuator diameter (mm) 67
Min. pressure (bar) 0
Max. pressure (bar) 6
Flow-through factor (Kv, m3/h) 2.7
Operating time (s) 1.3
IP-Class IP65
Brand ASCO