Duct humidity transmitter Galltec+MELA FKL 3/5

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Galltec+mela Series KL

• These sensors have been specially adapted to the needs of the ventilation and air-conditioning sector.
• For duct installation.
• The KL is equipped with gauze filters as standard. Other filters are
available on request.
• Use of capacitive humidity sensor elements is a guarantee of high long-term stability, resistance to dew formation, small hysteresis and good dynamic performance.

Technical specifications
Series FKL 3/5
Product type Duct humidity transmitter
Min. ambient temperature (°C) -20
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 80
Min. measurement range (%SK) 0
Max. measurement range (%SK) 100
Measuring instrument type Capacitive humidity converter
Supply voltage 24V AC/15...30V DC
Output signal 4...20mA
IP-Class IP54
Brand Galltec+Mela