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Wormgearmotor Dunkermotoren GR 63x55 24VDC + SG 80 i=38:1 WL1

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Dunkermotoren Series GR/G

• Longer service life than commutator motors from other manufacturers
• Low cogging torque
• High efficiency
• High acceleration
• Good controllability
• Maintenance-free
• Robust construction
• Low moment of inertia
• Extremely high overload capacity
• Surface protection
• Minimum interference beam emission, optional interference suppression variants
• Degree of protection up to IP 65 (GR 42, GR 53, GR 63, GR 63S, GR 80)
• Highest quality due to fully automated production lines
Technical characteristics
Series GR63x55
Product type Wormgearmotor
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Rotation speed (rpm) 8,816.00
Rated power (W) 99.00
Max. moment (Nm) 41.00
Gear ratio 38.00
Manufacturer Dunkermotoren
Manufacturer code GR 63x55 24VDC + SG 80 i=38:1 WL1
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