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Turbine flow meter Kem Kuppers HM-R

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KEM Küppers Series HM

• Turbine flowmeters (HM series) are volumetric flow meters that work on the principle of Woltmann's impeller counter.
• They identify the flow through the pipe through the average flow rate.
• The flow profile of the medium is straightened and directed to the turbine, which starts rotating. The rotational speed of a free-rotating turbine is proportional to the average flow velocity.
• Turbine flowmeters are mainly used with lubricating and non-lubricating fluids. They are particularly suitable for low and medium viscosity liquids such as water, emulsions, glycerol mixtures and light oils for flow measurement. Measuring cryogenic fluids is also possible with turbine flowmeters.
• Due to the innovative design, the meter has no wet seams in contact with the fluid.
Technical characteristics
Series HM R
Product type Turbine flow meter
Min. volume flow rate, l/min 0.30
Max. volume flow rate, l/min 400.00
Min. mean temperature °C -60.00
Max. mean temperature °C 350.00
Max. pressure, bar 630.00
Viscosity 0.8 ... 30 mm²/s
Manufacturer KEM Kuppers
Manufacturer code HM-R
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