Room hygrostat Galltec+Mela Hygroswitch

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Galltec+mela Series Hygroswitch

• The humidity measuring element consists of several plastic fabric bands each with 90 individual fibers with a diameter of 3 µm each.
• The fibers are provided with hygroscopic characteristics by a special process.
• The measuring element absorbs and absorbs moisture.
• It is possible to adjust the lever system by setting the adjustment knob so that the microswitch is actuated when the set air humidity is reached.
• The fan must be protected against coarse dust, dirt and water.
• The equipment may be used across a broad spectrum of applications under the most varied conditions and loads. We cannot appraise every individual case.
• The room humidistat Hygroswitch is an on-off controller to control the relative air humidity.
• It is used to control air humidifying and dehumidifying in offices and computer rooms.
• Other areas of use are storage of foodstuffs and luxury
foods, cooling rooms for fruit and vegetables, greenhouses
for gardening use, the textile industry, the paper and printing
industry, the film industry and hospitals.
Technical specifications
Series Hygroswitch
Product type Room hygrostat
Min. ambient temperature (°C) 0
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 60
Min. measurement range (%SK) 40
Max. measurement range (%SK) 90
Supply voltage 230V AC
IP-Class IP30
Brand Galltec+Mela