Ultrasonic flow meter Katronic KF170

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Pulsar Series KF

• Ultrasonic flowmeters are based on the transit time of ultrasound. This means that a pair of sensors are installed on the outside of the tube, which are used to generate ultrasonic pulses. These signals pass through the pipe wall and the medium in the direction of the flow medium to one sensor and from the other sensor back against the flow direction.

• The basic principle of ultrasonic flow measurement is that sound waves traveling in the direction of flow move faster than those traveling against the direction of flow. The difference in the travel time of the ultrasound signal is directly proportional to the fluid flow rate.

• Factors affecting ultrasonic flow measurement such as flow profile, liquid properties, pipe material, lining and liquid temperature are compensated with electronics, resulting in a reliable measurement.
Technical specifications
Series KF170
Product type Ultrasonic flow meter
Min. mean temperature (°C) -20
Max. mean temperature (°C) 60
Measuring instrument type Ultrasonic flowmeter
Display LCD graphic display, 128 x 64 dots, backlit
Material (housing) Copper-free aluminium, polyurethane and epoxy-coated, stainless steel (optional)
Tube size 10mm...3000mm
Power supply 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 9-36V DC
Power consuption <10W
IP-Class IP66
Brand Katronic