Linear Rail Haydon Kerk, RGS and RGW series

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Haydon Kerk RGS – Rapid Guide Screw – an affordable and compact threaded rod driven linear unit with exceptional speed, accuracy and service life. In the RGS linear unit, the critical speed limit characteristic of spiral rod drives has been successfully removed, which enables high speeds (up to 1.5 m/s) even in long movements. The accuracy of the pitch is 0.0006 mm/1 mm, and thanks to the absence of play on the threaded rod and wear compensation, the repeatability is 0.0013 mm. The service life of the linear unit with a continuous 1/4 dynamic load is approximately 254,000,000 cm. In the parallel model, the RGW has an additional groove on both sides of the profile for limit switches.

ModelResistance (Ncm)Max. Dynamic Load (N)
Technical specifications
Series RGS/RGW
Product type Linear unit
Brand Haydon Kerk