Electromagnetic solenoid valve ASCO SC G327B002 230/50

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The valves are certified according to IEC 61508 Functional Safety data and have SIL-3 capability (TÜV & Exida certification).

• The solenoid valves are recommended for pilot applications with basic flow, wide pressure ranges and no minimum operating pressure.
• PTFE rider rings and graphite-filled PTFE seals reduce friction and eliminate sticking.
• Coils used in metal enclosures have class H insulation materials.
• Dedicated execution for low power.
• Dedicated execution for extreme low ambient temperatures.
• Peak voltage suppression diodes are standard in DC solenoids with metal enclosures.
• The solenoid valves satisfy all relevant EU directives.
• Manual Operators are optional including an under pressure removable type.
• Environmental NACE compliant and certified vibration resistant in combination with WSCR solenoids.
Technical specifications
Series 327
Product type Control valve
Material (body) Stainless steel
Valve function 3-way universal
Media Water, air, oil, inert gases
Size 1/4"
Supply voltage 230V AC
Frequency 50Hz
Flow-through factor (Kv, m3/h) 0.45
Min. fluid temperature (°C) -20
Max. fluid temperature (°C) 120
Min. pressure (bar) 0
Max. pressure (bar) 10
Brand ASCO